Saturday, September 02, 2006

theory: stages of art-development

adapted from:

1. Manipulative - pre-school
  • manipulation of materials (paint, clay, chalk, markers, glue etc)
  • random scribbles
  • pound, squeeze and tear clay
  • paint thickly over entire paper
  • children are not yet making representations (see point 4 below)

2. Design or Patterning
  • typically develops by age 4
  • experimentation with materials
  • beginning to master implements (pen, brush, chalk, scissors, glue etc)
  • children discover line shapes (straight, curved, open, closed, etc.)
  • dots and spaces are used

3. Naming or Symbolic

  • often during age 4
  • creating pictures or models of things
  • voluntarily telling what they made and often tell stories involving their work
  • there may not be a clear and sustained objective in mind as they begin to work
    (frequently begin making one thing and then identify it as something else)
4. Representation
  • typically develops by age 5 or 6, sometimes earlier
  • children's art resembles the objects represented
  • at first many details are missing and objects do not represent reality

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