Thursday, December 20, 2007

Christmas hand print tree


(This idea came home from school.)


  • large sheet of paper
  • red and green finger paint
  • brown marker
  • yellow construction paper cut into the shape of a star
  • glue
  • smocks to keep child and adults clean


  • have the child make a row of five green palm-prints, side by each, about 20cm (4 inches) from the bottom of the page
  • have the child make a row of four 4 palm prints above that
  • again with three, two and one final palm print at the top of the "tree"
  • use red paint on fingertips to paint tree decorations / ornaments
  • glue the yellow star at the top of the tree
  • draw in a brown tree trunk at the bottom of the tree (alternately, use brown paint to paint a trunk or make a construction paper trunk)

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