Sunday, March 09, 2008

Stegosaurus hat

stegosaurus_hat_1(This idea came home from school.)


  • whole paper plate (the one shown is 23 cm (about 9") in diameter)
  • paper plate cut in quarters or sixths (depending on how much mileage you ant to get out of them) -- note the rounded corners in the photo to the right
  • bits of sponge for dipping into paint (the ones used were approximately 6cm x 4cm (2.5"x1.5"))
  • Stegosaurus coloured paint (purple, brown and green)
  • two 40cm (16") pieces of Stegosaurus coloured yarn (purple, brown or green)
  • hole punch
  • stapler

  • have child sponge paint of different colours on the bottom of the whole plate
  • have child sponge paint of different colours on both sides of the pieces of plate (do one side, let it dry, do the other)
  • fold the plate pieces at right angles, along the outer edge
  • have an adult staple the plate pieces along the middle of the painted whole plate, akin to a spine (make sure the staples are completely folded over with no sharp edges exposed)
  • have an adult punch one hole at the top and one hole at the bottom of the plate
  • adult to tie one piece of yarn through each hole
  • place hat on child's head and tie under child's chin

The finished product could be a choking hazard if child left unsupervised. Child safety is your responsibility!

stegosaurus_hat_2 stegosaurus_hat_3 stegosaurus_hat_4
stegosaurus_hat_5 stegosaurus_hat_6

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