Monday, May 19, 2008

Pipe cleaner caterpillar


(This idea came home from school.)

  • pipe cleaner
  • decorative beads with whole large enough to fit over pipe cleaner
  • optional: paper circle on which to draw face, white glue

  • curl one end of the pipe cleaner (so the beads don't fall off)
  • string beads along the pipe cleaner
  • leave 2 cm of pipe cleaner unbeaded
  • curl the remaining end of the pipe cleaner (so the beads don't fall off)
  • decorate the paper circle to be the face
  • glue the face on to one end of the pipe cleaner
  • bend the beaded pipe cleaner to shape!


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Cathy/ Mommy Motivation said...

How cute is that? I LOVE this site, I'll be back!

Lee said...

Cathy: glad you like it! You're always welcome here.

caterpillar engine said...

This is such a wonderful and creative idea! I should do this with my little ones over the weekend and ill go buy some beads on friday!

Thank you for posting this!