Sunday, June 29, 2008

Little flag

In anticipation of Canada Day!


  • white paper (for a more durable flag use thick paper such as cardstock)
  • scissors
  • red crayon / marker / pencil crayon / paint
  • drinking straw (the one shown is approx 19cm in length)
  • tape
  • optional: print out an image of a maple leaf, glue

  • adult to cut paper down to appropriate size to match straw handle (one shown in image is approximately 14cm wide by 6.5cm high)
  • draw red lines for two red stripes, one on either end of the flag
  • draw red maple leaf in centre of flag (or cut out image of maple leaf for pasting onto flag)
  • have child colour red stripes and maple leaf red
  • tape flag to end of drinking straw
  • wear safety glasses to avoid having your eye poked out by a very excited flag waver!


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