Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Heart necklace


(This idea came home from school.)

  • red, pink or white yarn, approximately 60 cm (2 feet) in length
  • blunt tip darning needle
  • cut-out hearts (size depending on age of child ... larger heart 8cm x 8cm (3"x3") for pre-schooler, smaller for grade-schooler) from different types and colour of paper
  • additional items for stringing: 2-3cm (1") length of coloured drinking straws, coloured pasta, multi-coloured "O" breakfast cereal etc
  • pen / marker / crayon for writing on hearts
  • hole punch

  • punch hole at approximately the centre of each paper heart
  • have child tell you the names of people they love, write each name on a separate heart (older children can do this part on their own)
  • thread yarn through darning needle
  • help child pass darning needle through decorations to start and then alternating between hearts and decorations until all hearts have been strung
  • finish with more decorations
  • tie loose ends together to complete necklace

The finished product could be a choking hazard if child left unsupervized. Child safety is your responsibility!

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